Bitesized Briefing - Sustainability, CSR and EHS Data Requirements

Bitesized Briefing - Sustainability, CSR and EHS Data Requirements


Bitesize Briefing: CSR data requirements, what you need to know

Are you building a business case for purchasing a piece of software to measure your CSR, EHS and Sustainability data? There are a vast number of solutions available and selecting the right one for your company is a daunting process. SustainIt, the leading non-financial data consultancy, is hosting a free online webinar on Wednesday May 20th at 9am (PDT), 12pm (EDT) and 5pm (BST). This Bitesize Briefing will prepare you for the software selection process. Following the webinar, you will understand what the requirements are for your non-financial data before you begin speaking to software vendors.

This Bitesize Briefing is the latest in a series of free online webinars covering the latest news and developments in the Sustainability industry. These 30 minute webinars are designed to provide CSR, EHS and Sustainability professionals with useful content to drive success. To register, email  or call +1 415 449 8642 or +44 117 325 4168 and we will send you a calendar invitation.



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