Bitesized Briefing - Measuring Sustainability

Bitesized Briefing - Measuring Sustainability

08 June 2015 by

Bitesize Briefing: Measuring Sustainability

Tuesday June 30th, 9:30am (UK)

It’s great that there’s so much sustainability data available, but you also need to be able to collect, sort and use the data. From carbon footprint to volunteer hours, how do you measure the impact, the depth and the success of your sustainability work? In this bitesized briefing SustainIt will focus on practical examples of organisations effectively measuring sustainability and talk about what can be learned from how world leaders have reported on their sustainability impact.

This Bitesize Briefing is the latest in a series of free online webinars covering the latest news and developments in the Sustainability industry. These 30 minute webinars are designed to provide CSR, EHS and Sustainability professionals with useful content to drive success.

You can register for the event here (via eventbrite).

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