Vote for us, vote for art, vote for SustArt

Vote for us, vote for art, vote for SustArt

10 March 2014 by Rida Daher


What is it all about?

We can proudly announce that we have been long listed for the social value award from #2degreesawards. Being listed for this award for our SustArt project is a global recognition of our good social impact. Have a read below and get to know what is SustArt, why we deserve to win the award and how you can help!

What is Sustart?

Sustart challenges people to think about sustainability and gets them involved with how they can make a difference. Setup in 2013, SustArt was launched as a social enterprise to get people talking about sustainability on a personal scale.

The founders of SustArt work for a sustainability data consultancy, and while fully appreciative of the importance that big data and corporate leadership can have on the sustainability agenda, they consistently found that for smaller companies and for community organisations, one of the biggest roadblocks to sustainability ambition was a perception that sustainability was about big projects. SustArt aims to explode that myth.

The core setup to a SustArt is simple – we arrive with a board, lots of coloured pens and boundless enthusiasm. Designed to run at conferences, corporate days, and community events, we work with the attendees to get them thinking about sustainability and what it means to them.

Why vote for Sustart?

If getting people to talk about sustainability is hard, then getting people to draw their ideas on a giant board is much more challenging! By getting participants to draw their ideas on the boards, , SustArt creates a giant piece of art built from the hard work and ingenuity of its participants.

Over the course of 2013, SustArt ran events at Sustainability Live, Your Green Future Bristol and Worcester, Feed the 5000, One Planet Network, Southmead Festival, Bristol 99 and National Grid’s HQ for their Natural Grid event.

What matters is the trace we leave behind and the impact we create through this social interaction with people of all ages. Everyone can join Sustart and volunteer and experience the excitement. We learned that an idea as simple as SustArt can make a huge impact and a pen and board can make wonders. We help create impacts, visions, art, opinions, and social engagement. We’re very passionate about our work and proud of our volunteers. Through SustArt, the winners are always those who engage and leave their mark on our boards. We learn from them and help transmit their ideas. SusArt is a vessel for Sustainable Social Empowerment and Engagement and winning this category would be good validation of our passionate work.

 Vote now for SustArt!

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