The Small Business Act (SBA): setting up a Green Action Plan (GAP) for SMEs

The Small Business Act (SBA): setting up a Green Action Plan (GAP) for SMEs

17 September 2014 by Rida Daher

On the 2nd of July, the European commission adopted a Green Action Plan to help SMEs in turning environmental challenges into business opportunities. The Action plan, initially part of the Small business act, clearly states that: ‘’The EU and Member States should enable SMEs to turn environmental challenges into opportunities‘’.

The plan, as indicated on the official European Commission press release, offers a series of SME-oriented actions proposed to improve resource efficiency of European SMEs. These include supporting green entrepreneurship and exploiting the opportunities of greener value chains.

The actions can be classified in five sections.

1) Greening SMEs for more competitiveness and sustainability - Help businesses to know how to better use their resources and potentially saving €630 billion per year for the European industry.

2) Green entrepreneurship for the companies of the future - Helping SMEs in moving toward a low carbon economy and giving them the chance to bring green products and services to the market.

3) Opportunities for SMEs in a greener value chain - Helping small businesses in moving towards a circular economy.

4) Access to the markets for green SMEs - Helping businesses by providing them with a supportive framework and establishing more international cooperation in order to access global value chains.

5) Governance - Ensure that the Green Action Plan is rolled out across Europe by the wide support of all EU member states.

This is a plan set to support Green business developments across all European regions. For more information please refer to the official memo published by the European Commission.

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