The Age of Online Reporting: An interactive webinar

The Age of Online Reporting: An interactive webinar

16 May 2014 by Rida Daher

Sustainability reporting is continuously evolving and technology has taken over most aspects of data analysis and management. However, the question is, why do we bother to rely on online sustainability software and what’s its short and long term benefits?  SustainIt will be hosting a webinar to address what the business case is for a sustainability data management system and a business's experience of having a system in place.

Nowadays sustainability reporting is becoming a mandatory task. The market is extremely competitive and most businesses can’t afford the luxury of not disclosing their environmental footprint. The way forward is changing the way we collect, analyse and present data. With thousands of data sheets, companies are now relying on cloud based CSR tools that enable complete control over most sustainability activities across different countries.

SustainIt, a leader in sustainability reporting, will be covering how CSR software is now imperative for everyday business tasks. 

Do you have burning questions related to CSR sustainability tools and the difference between multiple software? Do you want to understand the benefits and limitations to such tools? Then, mark your calendars for the 23rd of June 2014 at  7am (PDT), 9am (CDT), 10am (EDT), 3pm (GMT) and 4pm (CET). Join us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

To register for the webinar, please contact Ailsa Burns on or call 0117 325 4168.  Check out our events page for more sustainability related events. 

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