SustainIt Camping Holiday: waves, sun and non-stop adrenaline

SustainIt Camping Holiday: waves, sun and non-stop adrenaline

05 August 2014 by Rida Daher

It was that time again; the now infamous SustainIt annual camping trip. Now in its 5th year, the highlights of this year’s weekend extravaganza would include sea kayaking, coasteering on the Jurassic coast, bike riding, a day on the beach, barbeque roasts and so much more.

Set at Higher Moor Farm campsite in between the secluded hills of Weymouth, our adventure started. Setting up the tents was fairly quick and some of us (the more cowardly) had opted for the glamorous glamping with already erected luxury bell tents. Most of us arrived at the campsite around 7 pm and the team headed straight to a delicious supper prepared by non-other than our talented CEO Charlie Stockford and her sister Nicola. The evening eventually ended with a warm campfire, a few beers and a friendly atmosphere full of joy and laughter.

The next day started with huge rainstorms but by 10 o’clock the weather cleared and we all headed off for water activities on the beautiful Jurassic coast at Lulworth Cove. The team started off with some kayaking along the coast. Heading past strangely named beaches such as Stair Hole and Durdle Door, we were treated to scenery that can only be described as “breath-taking” (literally, as the paddling was extremely hard work!). Coming back from the kayaking, we headed for delicious fish ‘n’ chips for lunch. Energised and ready to venture off again, our coasteering adventure started. We battled the enormous waves, climbed up cliffs and jumped off ledges and steered our way through some beautiful caves and along the cliff face.  Then in dire need of recovery, we headed back for the campsite and lit the barbeque and opened a well-deserved bottle or two of wine. The menu included marinated chicken breasts, water-buffalo burgers, pulled pork, South African sausages, tender broccoli, peppers, home allotment grown courgettes followed by chocolate brownies and lemon drizzle cake. After an exhausting day we all headed back to our tents, swam in the deepest ocean of dreams and climbed up into the highest clouds.

Sunday morning arrived with glorious sunshine. After breakfast, we all headed to the beautiful beach of Ringstead. Some of us even cycled there! We swam, sunbathed, built rock castles, ate home-made quiche and cakes, took some wonderful pictures and made lots of lovely memories. Sadly the weekend had to end. It was very sad leaving a beautiful sunny and magical Jurassic Coast but the prospect of next year’s camping trip is already a major topic of office conversation.

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