SustainIt Book Club: When You Play the Game of Thrones…

01 January 1970 by Chris McDonald

Chris's review is part of the SustainIt book club. SustainIt are committed to demonstrating best practice in sustainability as illustrated by our Our Impact report. The SustainIt book club is our latest endeavour to be a truly sustainable company. SustainIt purchases one book per month.  Each month, a different employee will choose a book to purchase, read and then review. Once the book has been reviewed, it will be donated to the SustainIt library for the whole SustainIt team to enjoy. The SustainIt book clubs aims to demonstrate sustainability in action by promoting employee development. Each employee broadens their knowledge by reading a new book and develops their writing skills.  Read Ailsa's article on the 2degrees website to learn more about the benefits of an employee book club.


I get the pleasure of introducing you to the first edition of the SustainIt Book club; One month, One Book, and what a month it was.

I am a little late to the game on this one, but as first book reviews go, I think it is a bit of a cracker. Having watched the series ‘Game of Thrones’, I was a little sceptical when I initially sat down with what seemed like quite a daunting novel, but those fears were quickly allayed in favour of bringing these characters to life in my own little way.

It starts at a searing pace, immediately introducing the White Walkers into the fray, and with the initial brutal murder, it quickly sets the scene for the whole book where by nobody is safe. It is a testament to George R. R. Martin that I was immediately absorbed in the world of Westeros and the folk who live in this fantasy land.

Martin soon shifts your sights beyond the forest to a little place called Winterfell where we meet our first champion in Ned Stark. You can help but immediately empathise with this man, forcefully wanting him to succeed and when the King turns up you think he will. Stark takes up the offer of running the kingdom against his better judgement; this does turn out to be a fatal misstep on his part.

As with all great tales you cannot have the light without the dark and so it is in Westeros. Enter the big bad wolf in the form of The Lannisters. As you plough through you are drawn inexplicably to this family and their dealings, desperately hoping that their plans don’t succeed, although I have no intention of spoiling those plans for you.

This is truly the tip of the iceberg, from Kings landing to the Wall and across the narrow sea you will laugh and cry, smile and frown along with these characters, but not for one second will you put this book down and not feel out of breath as it is a non-stop, unerring ride to the finish line. The best books leave you mentally drained, after this one, I could have slept for a week.

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