SustainIt Book Club: Review of Guy Martin's Autobiography

01 January 1970 by David Stockford

David's review is part of the SustainIt book club. SustainIt are committed to demonstrating best practice in sustainability as illustrated by our Our Impact report. The SustainIt book club is our latest endeavour to be a truly sustainable company. SustainIt purchases one book per month.  Each month, a different employee will choose a book to purchase, read and then review. Once the book has been reviewed, it will be donated to the SustainIt library for the whole SustainIt team to enjoy. The SustainIt book clubs aims to demonstrate sustainability in action by promoting employee development. Each employee broadens their knowledge by reading a new book and develops their writing skills.  Read Ailsa's article on the 2degrees website to learn more about the benefits of an employee book club.


“From that moment I went even harder.  It was the buzz of that near miss, of being so, so close to disaster, to be risking the whole lot, but getting away with it, that I have been chasing ever since.”

This extract on the cover of the book was all I needed to be hooked. I just had to read on to the end.

The opening paragraph takes us directly into the biggest crash that Guy has experienced during his racing career to date. This autobiography of Guy Martin takes you into the exciting and adrenalin-fuelled world of Superbike racing.

Starting with a candid introduction to his family and early days as a keen, young racer the book guides you along Guy’s career giving insight into his single minded determination. Demonstrating that sheer hard graft is what it takes to race the most demanding road racing circuits in the world, the story culminates with the most deadly and well-known of these, the Isle of Man TT races.  A maverick in the race scene, following in the footsteps of icons like Joey Dunlop, Guy tells us of how he found his way through the world of bike racing, from club racer to racing for Team Suzuki.

I love the straightforward tone of the book with all the humour that comes with a slightly eccentric and highly driven, no-holds-barred look at Guy’s Life.  Truck mechanic to TV Celebrity are his own words.  I found the book easy to read and, being a biker myself, the biography struck a chord with my “inner want to be racer”. The book has helped me to understand what it is about riding fast that makes people like me take to the road on what is the most unforgiving of machines that we could ever think of taking out of the garage. 

This is a Sunday Times No 1 bestseller and deservedly so.

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