Our Impact Report

Our Impact Report

05 March 2014 by Rida Daher

Achieving The Planet Mark certificate isn’t the only highlight for SustainIt this year. We can also proudly announce that we have finished our first Sustainability Report. Our Impact report introduces us as a company and defines the scope of our environmental and social activities. It also sheds light on the impact we have on each of our clients.

In a 3 month periodan interactive and fun Impact report. This work reflects our expertise in making sense of sustainability data and presenting it in an  engaging format.

Our 2013 Impact report marks the beginning of a new era in sustainability for SustainIt. We want to make a statement. We want to prove that we are a responsible business committed to the highest ethical standards of sustainability.

The biggest highlights form the report are summarised as following:

  • Learn the 10 things that we do as a business
  • Our Total Carbon Footprint for 2013 accounts only for 1.67 tKgCO2e per employee
  • We Achieved a 100% in client service satisfaction
  • We have a 20% increase in total revenue
  • The results show a 25% decrease in total electricity use since 2011
  • We send 0% amount of waste to landfill

    There are many more interesting things to read! Take a look at Our Impact report!

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