Let's All Come Out Clean

29 January 2014 by Rida Daher

The first impression after reading a CSR report is how genuine is the content. The reader is left wondering about the quality and integrity of the report. Was is all true? Could I take their words for it? What did they omit and why did they, if so? In a very interesting blog article on the honesty of CSR reporting published by csr-reporting.ae; the author tries to pull some interesting points from the whole integrity issue surrounding CSR reporting.


The author first introduce us to an award category dedicated to the report that best manifest honesty and openness with the Corporate Register online awards ceremony. The definition as described by CorporateRegister.com states that: ‘’It’s sometimes difficult to tell the whole truth. It’s easy to highlight the good news and ignore the bad. Whether performance is poor or excellent is less relevant for this award. This award is for the report which ‘comes clean’, tells both the good and the bad news, and which convinces us that this is a balanced picture’’


Thus the definition specifies that for the report to win; it needs to ‘’come clean’’ and coming clean is probably nowadays a heroic task and a daunting thought for most organisations. But why? Why is being honest a risk? And where does the ideology of polishing our image emerge from?


The answer clearly lies in the competitive market that limits the perspective of what makes a good image and what makes it bad. Businesses don’t want to take a risk and would rather ‘’stay in the closet’’.  However, it is incentives like the CR awards for ‘’the most honest report’’ that pushes the limit of what makes a good report; a one as being honest rather than polished and unrealistic. So hurray for everyone who ‘’comes out’’ clean and try to be a good leader in the CSR field.


Don’t forget to vote at this link : http://www.corporateregister.com/crra/

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