Enablon Sustainable Performance Forum EMEA 2014

Enablon Sustainable Performance Forum EMEA 2014

12 June 2014 by Jason Loadman

The conference took place on June 10th at the Eurosites George V in Paris.  With hundreds of EHS, Sustainability and Risk professionals from the world's largest corporations, over twenty expert speakers and countless opportunities to network with peers, the Sustainable Performance Forum (SPF) EMEA 2014 was one of the can't-miss events of the year.

We arrived in Paris late on Monday night and did a whistle-stop tour of the city.  It began with a walk around the Arc de Triomphe and ended with a tiresome walk up the 700 steps of the Eiffel Tower to the second tier.  After a lovely dinner and a rather expensive glass of wine we walked back to the hotel and got caught in a huge thunderstorm, which kept us awake from a while as we tried to get some rest.

The conference began with breakfast, followed by a Welcome and Keynote Address from Dan Vogel and Philippe Tesler which gave an interesting insight to the company vision, product strategy and offering and Enablon Version 7.

Enablon Version 7 looks great, is intuitive and user friendly.  It enables more autonomy, increased scalability and enhanced reporting, with a particular focus on its social element.  Users can now use the Enablon application from their tablet or mobile device.

The rest of the day consisted of lots of interesting talks and workshops which were hosted by some of the industry’s leading experts and professionals.  The food was fantastic the company was great and a good time was had by all.  We will definitely be attending this event next year and look forward to what Enablon have in store.

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