A Course to Consider

10 January 2014 by Rida Daher


A Course to Consider...


With the help of the University of Exeter and through the supervision of Professor Tim Lenton, Chair in Climate Change and Earth System Science; you will be able to register for a free course spanning across 8 weeks. The course aims to provide with the necessary skills to understand the threats and risks from Climate change; along with adequate tools on how to tackle and solve the associated problems.

Who is it for?

Anyone can enter the course and no previous experience or knowledge in the field of Climate Change is required. But ideally it is aimed at the level of students entering university

What will you learn?

‘’the course will set contemporary human-caused climate change within the context of past nature climate variability’’

In other words, it will communicate a risk based approach that will enable participants to weigh risks against possible solutions and outcomes while focusing on the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ news from climate change. Ultimately spreading awareness on how to avoid the ‘worst case scenario’ and increasing the resilience of societies and ecosystems.

How is it different from other courses?

The course will tackle challenging questions like:

  • Why the greenhouse effect is a bad metaphor for the process of atmospheric warming?
  • Why could the greatest threat to humanity from climate change be a tiny fungus?
  • Why could the Sahara desert be transformed from arid sand to lush vegetation?
  • How could we engineer the climate to put a stop to global warming?

Professor Tim Lenton believes that we are in an era where the future of humanity depends on our actions to tackle climate change; and thus we advise each one of you to make a difference. How you may ask? Well, registering for the course is a great start!



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