This Christmas we refrained from being naughty

This Christmas we refrained from being naughty

23 December 2013 by

Wrapping paper is becoming a huge deal; given its bad environmental implications. In Christmas alone, the amount of wrapping paper used in the UK could stretch to the moon if each sheet was laid end to end. Last year we produced over 10, 734 tonnes of wrapping paper that ended up being disposed in landfill. We really don’t want any additional waste sent to landfill; as this will mess up our ambitious targets to divert waste from landfill as much as we can.

But why is it that bad? Well we often chose dyed, laminated or wrapping paper that contains non paper additives such as gold and silver which cannot be recycled! Christmas is a glorious time and especially the part where you open presents and nothing beats the excitement of tearing up the wrapping paper; but at what expense?

At SustainIt we couldn’t just sit back and not react! We tweeted and shared with the public this information and also asked all our employees to wrap their gifts creatively! Using recycled paper or simply newspaper! ...Guess what! Yes it worked! And below is a picture to prove it.

As a result, Krampus (Santa’s evil twin) won’t visit us this year! But what about you? Have you been good or naughty?


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