5 alternative products that last longer

01 January 1970 by Ailsa Burns

1. Pens
Did you know that as far back as 2004, Bic made its 100 billionth plastic pen? They don't seem so keen to publicise production figures now that environmental issues are in the limelight, but if everyone replaced the countless plastic pens in the bottom of their drawers for a decent fountain pen it would make a big difference. If it seems an extravagance – just think how much more care you will take of it, and how much longer you are likely to keep it.

2. Razors
Good old fashioned cut-throat razors can be re-sharpened and kept for a lifetime. This is much more eco-friendly than disposable razors which have an average lifetime of 7.5 uses depending on how manly your beard is.

3. Shoes
Cheap shoes usually only last 3 years tops; consider treating yourself to some nice leather shoes. They last decades if looked after, and they can be re-soled if you wear them into the ground.

4. Lighters
We aren’t trying to point fingers at Bic, but they make huge quantities of 3 of the 5 items on our list! Just like a quality pen – a nice lighter will last a lot longer and replace countless disposables.

5. Kitchen paper
For all the good advertising intended to convince you how much use you can get of your one (or is it Juan?) sheet of kitchen paper – dishcloths and sponges do a pretty good job of everything except oil and fat.

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