7 Simple Bicycle Tips and Tricks

7 Simple Bicycle Tips and Tricks

12 September 2013 by

1. Pump up your tyres
A squishy tyre means more surface area touching the ground and therefore more friction; you will waste plenty of energy this way. If you pump up your tyres to suggested pressure it will prolong their life, reduce the chance of punctures, make your life easier, and help you go faster. Do this with your car tyres as well and you’ll save money and waste less fuel.

2. Lubricate your chain
The chain and sprockets transfer all energy to propel you forward. Be nice to them: give them some love and a little lube. Dirt and grit will slow you down and keep parts in better condition. Don’t add too much however, as this will collect more dirt and do the opposite.

3. Check brake pads
Check your brakes now and then to make sure they are lined up nicely. If they are touching the rims they will be draining your energy, and if they are worn out in a wonky way, it may be that they need some realigning. If you have disc brakes – ensure your pads are not worn and that your discs aren’t bent.

4. Fit a bell
Of all the things that will make you go faster, nobody seems to consider a bell as important. If you are traveling at snail’s pace waiting for the old dear in front to realise you are trying to get past her it doesn’t matter how much carbon fibre or lycra you have. You can also avoid frightening the life out of her as well by giving her some prior warning.

5. Get a helmet
Your head is really quite soft. Cars and roads and trees and walls are not. We don’t mean to sound patronising – but if you ride regularly or road or trail and don’t use one you are being daft. 

6. Get a helmet

7. Choose the right tyres for you
Your bike may look über awesome with big chunky tyres, but if you are just riding on roads they won’t really help you out.  You can get some nice city slick tyres for a mountain bike, as well as slightly chunkier all-terrain tyres for a hybrid bike. It may even be worth having two sets if you do a lot of riding.

Happy cycling! 


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