Rio + 20 United Nations Conference

Rio + 20 United Nations Conference

25 April 2012 by

There’s only 57 days left until world leaders, government officials and private and public sector get together to plan how to protect our environment, reduce poverty and assist social development and equality.

The Conference runs 20th- 22nd June. There is a focus on two themes for the official discussions; the first, how to build a sustainable economy in the context of eradicating poverty and helping impoverish countries to develop, the second, how to improve coordination for sustainable development internationally.

This conference comes 20 years after the earth summit in Rio where countries agreed to work with Agenda 21 an action plan related to sustainable development aimed to cover every area of the effects humans have on their environment.

Before the conference (15th – 18th June) an event called the Corporate Sustainability Forum is being held in which 2,000 people are expected to participate in a number of focused workshops linked to the Rio 20+ agenda. The event gives business’ and investors opportunity to meet governments, authorities, UN entitles and civil society and join them together for the workshops.

So what are the expected outcomes of the forum and conference? A plan to help end world poverty and social exclusion? Hopefully yes and hopefully an action plan to support and create a sustainable future for generations to come. There is no immediate answer to the problems an overpopulated planet face but there are a number of ways we can all work together to reduce the impact we have, and help people in greater need.

We can all play a part in securing a safe world future. Here at SustainIt we can help your business achieve realistic targets through tracking and supporting your impact in the correct system for you.

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