Voltage Optimisation could save you money

09 June 2011 by

Voltage optimisation is not the newest environmental initiative in town but it is enjoying its moment in the limelight as businesses and homes scramble to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions.  Voltage regulation is one of the most simple and cost effective ways achieving your energy saving and carbon reduction targets. Optimising your voltage means dealing with the discrepancy between the actual supply voltage you receive (207V - 253V) and the optimum voltage your electrical equipment needs (220V).

Voltage optimisation systems are typically installed in series with the mains electrical supply to a building, allowing all its’ electrical equipment to benefit from an optimised supply. Nearly all organisations pay for electricity they do not use because they do not stabilise their voltage where electricity enters the site. Voltage stabilization reduces, controls and balances your supply voltages which can deliver savings anywhere between 8 – 20%. Talk to Charlie if you would like to find out more about this cost saving opportunity.


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