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Things you can do to make your holiday sustainable

  • Make full use of public transportation to get to your destination and while staying there.
  • Don’t bring more than you need as this adds weight to your chosen method of transportation, requiring more energy and adds to the burden you carry. Getting full use out of the clothes you bring will reduce your laundry as well.
  • Consider the activities you plan to do on holiday and their environmental impact. Many travel organisations can advise on eco-friendly activates, trips, events and sports to participate in.
  • Choose environmentally friendly resorts and act responsibly with lighting and water as you would do in your own home
  • Some places are no –go areas such as nature reserves and sensitive ecology zones. While some of these areas are open to the public, it is more responsible to leave them tourist free.
  • If renting a vehicle, choose smart cars and other less damaging vehicles.
  • Consume locally sourced foods and support the local environment where possible.


There are a huge number of resources on the internet to help you choose a more environmentally friendly holiday. These are some of our favourites:

New Research

A report by Eurostar has found that almost 70% of people in the UK don't consider the environment when choosing their holiday. That's compared to 50% in France and 60% in Belgium. The study of over 3,000 adults in the UK, France and Belgium also found that over half of Brits (55%) take up to three flight based holidays a year, compared to just over a third (38%) of French people.

The research also revealed that despite the difficult economic times, 6% of Brits take at least five flight based holidays each year, which could generate around three tonnes of carbon emissions per person. It was found that Brits lacked awareness of the impact of their holiday with less than a fifth (17%) of people in the UK ranking recreation, leisure travel and holidays as the most damaging part of day to day life. Other studies have shown that 27% of an average consumer's annual CO2 emissions are generated from leisure and holiday activities, the largest segment, compared with only 18% of CO2 emissions generated by driving (



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