How to make your laptop Green

21 June 2011 by

A few simple methods can help us use our laptops in a more environmentally-friendly way:

  • Adjust the power setting to its lowest setting which gives the battery a longer life span but also uses less electricity when plugged in.
  • Adjust the screensaver setting so that it conserves the maximum amount of energy whenever you’re away from your laptop for a period.
  • When your laptop reaches its end of life, have a disposal plan-of-action ready. Some manufacturers will accept redundant technology and dispose of it responsibly for you so contact the manufacturer to find out.
  • Chose the hibernate mode rather than the standby mode. 
  • Don’t use too many programs at once – this forces the laptop to work much harder than normal. To avoid too many programs being used, go to your programs control centre and make sure all programs are selected to not start at computer start up.


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