BS8901 Standard

BS8901 Standard

30 December 2011 by

The events industry has for a long time largely escaped the pressure to act more sustainably over more resources intensive industries. However over recent years the industry has been making strides towards becoming more sustainable. As in most sectors, standards have emerged to help businesses achieve best practice.BS8901 is the first standard to specify a sustainability management system for the events industry. BS 8901 has been designed specifically for the events industry and details the requirements for a sustainability management system for events.

The standard has been developed to help the industry conduct business in a more sustainable manner.BS8901 shares common management system principles and processes with the ISO 9001 standard on Quality Management and the ISO 14001 standard on Environmental Management. If you already have systems in place to meet either of these standards then you will be well placed to adopt BS 8901. BS 8901 requires organisations to understand the sustainability impacts relevant to their event(s) and to put in place measures to control and minimise these impacts. It requires organisations to aspire to continually improve their sustainability performance in relation to the management of events.

It is foreseeable that many event clients, particularly corporations and local authorities will demand that event organisers, venues and suppliers to the industry adopt the standard. SustainIt can help you achieve the standards relevant to your organisation. If you would like to speak to one of our consultants contact us on 0117 325 4167 or

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